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First thing you need to know - Barbra is a don. Don't question it, just roll with it. If you want to join the barbra worshipping legion then join me, all are welcome!!!! So yep I re-blog random things I like usually pictures but I write text posts too, if you like what you see then follow or just follow if you are fabulous. I am 16, and I like jelly, fabs and tomato soup and I consider myself a don. Known on twitter as @1DirectionTeam - first ever fan ;) I say the words le, peak and cheeky too much and I love neighbours. I crack myself up so much so if you follow me expect some hilarious posts, LE BYE. barbra worshipper(s)


    I just read a bunch of accounts from people who were unconscious, in comas or medically dead and came back to consciousness and a lot of them said that while they were down, they lived an entirely different reality LIKE IN THE FEW MOMENTS THIS MAN WAS UNCONSCIOUS, HE LIVED 10 YEARS OF A LIFE WHERE HE GOT MARRIED AND HAD A FAMILY AND HE THOUGHT IT WAS REALITY khflafjlsdg

    what if I’m in a coma right now

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11/50 pictures of Miley Cyrus

    11/50 pictures of Miley Cyrus

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